How might we help new-to-credit customers understand and control their spend so they’re more comfortable and responsible using the Petal card?

Customer outcomes

  1. Understand if my spend is trending up or down compared to the past
  2. Understand where are my biggest opportunities to cut back

Design questions

  1. Which visual representations are best suited for each outcome?
  2. How should we break down spend? By categories, by merchants, by place?
  3. How should we group spend across time? Daily, weekly, monthly?
  4. What is the hierarchy? What is more important?
  5. How simple or how deep should we let the data exploration be?
total spend category spend insights nav

Releasing V1 as a way to learn

Since this was a hackathon, in 2 days we were ready to ship a version that displayed total spend, categories and merchant spend, and recurring subscriptions. We were eager to put it out to some users and hear their feedback.

Learnings from user feedback

Using our contextual feedback widget, we quickly learned that [1] customers loved the new page and [2] they were eager to see more and have more controls. A few highlights:

  1. Customers would like to click on a category and see the purchases contained in it.
  2. Customers would like to change the category associated with a purchase.
  3. Customers would like to change the date ranges for their dashboard.

Here’s an example of how we’d allow for a deep dive in a merchant or category:

Which gives a chance to customize the theme based on the merchant’s logo dominant color:

insights colors 4

And here’s a proposal for date range editing: