Product designer at Twitter &
Behavioral design teacher at Aprender.

I have been designing products and services since 2010.

I'm drawn to teams working on difficult and meaningful issues, and can frequently be found stepping outside the design role into product management, research, code, writing, or whatever is necessary to bring clarity to a problem.

Currently, at Twitter, I'm helping build Birdwatch, an experiment that aims to tackle online misinformation through decentralization.

I also teach a class about Behavioral Design at Aprender, an online design school in Brazil.

Previously, I was part of the early team at Nubank, building the world's biggest digital bank from scratch while growing a vibrant, diverse, international design organization.

I have helped design online platforms for activism at Nossas; patented a recycling system for airplanes with Airbus; ran an online furniture shop, and helped Kano build the first version of their computer that teaches kids how to code.

You can also find stories about my student work on FastCompany and Wired.