21 Nov 21

Lessons from an artist

I felt inspired by this video of a painter giving advice to beginners. I feel like it applies to many things in life, not only art. My main takeaways:

  • Inspiration is overrated. Practice and time spent is what matters to get better in anything.
  • Your ego will destroy everything. Don't take feedback personally, don't think it's a validation of who you are.
  • Stop waiting for the right time. There's never a perfect time, just start to do it.
  • The rollercoaster: Your work will feel great at the start, then the worst, then good again. Every time.
  • Generalism wins. It's more valuable to be good at many things (in his case, "many styles") than great at one. — This one is a bit more controversial. Even though I'm a generalist at heart, I can see the value of being recognized by a specific approach or niche.

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