03 Dec 21

Performance profile: a useful document for hiring

Jared Spool describes a document that can be very helpful in getting alignment within a team about the new position they're hiring for. This document sounds like a lot of work to put together, especially on teams on a fast growth curve, but I can see how it could dramatically improve the hiring process.

The document has 5 main sections:

  1. Position summary
  • Two paragraphs explaining why the position is needed, and what will be improved/achieved if this person is hired.
  1. Objectives
  • 4-5 things the person is expected to deliver in their first year, detailed with steps, and in which timeline/timeframe.
  • Include things that the person will have to learn.
  • When interviewing, these objectives can be used as focus area of each interviewer. You should be looking for comparable experience achieving similar things, or a drive to learn the necessary skills to achieve them.
  1. Organizational structure
  • Where this person will be located in the org structure, who they'll report to, and who they'll have to partner with to achieve their objectives.
  1. Challenges
  • The hard things, including politics, that this person will have to deal with in order to be successful.
  1. Non-negotiables
  • All the skills and requirements that the candidate needs to meet.

This document is also shared with the candidate after they've passed the initial interviews. This helps create a sense of true partnership with the hiring team, and land the right person in the right role.


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