23 May 23
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Adding friction to the note writing flow

Nudge to rate existing notes

One of the biggest pain points for our users as we expand the pool of Community Note contributors are the number of duplicate or unecessary notes.

A lot of times, contributors instinctively start writing a note on a Tweet before rating the existing notes. This creates duplication, makes it harder for other contributors to find the notes that need the most attention, and makes it harder for us to identify the most helpful notes due to the thin distribution of ratings across all existing notes.

It's clear from our data that as we expand, less notes gather enough ratings to be considered helpful:

helpful notes over time

One small idea to address this is to add friction to the note writing flow, and redirect consibutors' energy towards existing notes that still need more ratings.


I'm so happy to have grown my web development skills to be able to build features of this scope by myself. Small UX changes like these sometimes can get sidelined in favor of bigger features, but by being able to build them myself I can make sure they get out the door.

This is one small improvement as we work towards increasing the % of notes that earn the status of "Helpful", and I'm excited to see how it will impact our metrics combined with all other changes we have lined up.

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