11 Mar 23
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Displaying algorithm version

Transparency is a keystone of Community Notes. We want to be as open as possible about how the system works, and how it's changing over time.

We recently decided to start running multiple versions of the open-source algorithm that decided which notes earn the status of "Helpfu" and "Not helpful", so we can learn faster from multiple hypotheses.

To support that, we decided to show, on every Note Details page, the version of the algorithm that was used to make the decision. This is now live on the site.

Although it's a small detail, this was one of the first end-to-end features I implemented myself in the product. I had to learn a few things about fetching a new field using graphql, and displaying it in the frontend.


This page grew quickly in complexity since we launched Community Notes, and I have honestly never loved the previous designs we had for it. While implementing this transparency feature, I took the opportunity to cleanup the page, rework the alignments, icons, colors, and typography. Here's a before and after:


And finally, how the page looks in every state, depending on the decision reached about the note:


As always, our algorithm is Open-source and can be found on GitHub

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